Please stop saying that Aaron Rodgers has no help!

One of the pieces of received wisdom that is commonly repeated on the news shows is that “Aaron Rodgers does more with less than any other quarterback.” You hear this occasionally about Russell Wilson, but constantly about Rodgers. I hear it all of the time on Good Morning Football & then the next day they call Davante Adams the best receiver in football. Here’s a link to Peter Schrager saying that Davante Adams is the best wide receiver in the NFL & it’s not even close. Here’s Nate Burleson explaining why Adams is “on another level.” In between they have a lot of love for running back Aaron Jones. Kyle Brandt said “Aaron Jones is the best-kept secret in the NFL.”

2020 All Pro teams were recently announced & the Packer tied Indianapolis for most players with six 1st or 2nd team All Pros. On offense they are Aaron Rodgers, Davante Adams, David Bakhtiari, & Corey Linsley. On defense Za’Darius Smith & Jaire Alexander were named as well. So Rodgers has one of the best receivers, one of the best left tackles, & one of the best centers in the game, along with a well respected running back who put up 1,104 yards in 2020 with a 5.5 yards per carry average. That really sounds like a formula for a team to succeed. The blind side on the line is very good, there’s a great receiver, & an extremely good running back. I think that if you put another very good quarterback into that situation, he would succeed. He might not do as well as Rodgers, but I feel like if you swapped Matthew Stafford out with Aaron Rodgers, Stafford would excel in Green Bay & Rodgers would get sacked more frequently in Detroit.

Long rant I know. I don’t have anything against Rodgers. He’s a smart quarterback who can make all of the throws & he seems to have a wicked sense of humor. I just think that at some point the pundits should accept that while he might be the most important player on the team, he’s not doing it all by himself.

Also…DeAndre Hopkins might be the best receiver in football. I won’t say it’s not even close though because there are a lot of great receivers out there.

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