It’s not the Netflix of wine!

It seems like every time someone starts a new mail order wine company, they or someone in the media call them “the Netflix of wine.”  This is a quick post to beg the media at least to knock it off.

The rationale for this phrase is that the company usually has some kind of algorithm that helps them pick the right wine for each customer.  They probably have a review section “just like Netflix does!”  In theory as they get responses from customers, they will get better at recommending wines & always recommend the perfect wine.

There are some manifest differences.  For one, binging is encouraged at Netflix but should be discouraged with wine.

I signed up for Netflix back in its strictly DVDs in the mail past.  You got a DVD in the mail, watched the movie & then returned it.  Then they sent that same DVD to someone else. That definitely didn’t seem to fit the wine industry.  If I got a wine from a mail order company, drank it, then returned it once I was done with it, I don’t think they would be happy with me.

These days I stream Netflix.  I can watch 10 minutes of something, decide it isn’t for me, & move on to the next & it doesn’t change my price.  If there’s a wine club out there offering to let me return bottles for replacement after a few sips, I haven’t heard of it.

The pricing system is significantly different as well.  If you want to watch all 6 seasons of Peaky Blinders over a long weekend, your cost for Netflix is the same as if you watched 1 episode of Bridgerton.  On Netflix, you don’t pay any more to watch Stranger Things (which costs $30 million per episode) than you do to watch Virgin River (which costs $3 million per episode ) I don’t think a wine company can duplicate that.  A bottle of Château Angelus costs more to produce than a jug of Gallo Hearty Burgundy.  It would be insane to sell them at the same price.

I just had to get that out of my system.  In case you think I just saw this comparison once or twice, here are some headlines from a quick Google search.  Wait…maybe that new wine club is the Google of wine!

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The site, which has been called the Netflix of wine, helps people discover varietals and appellations they’ll love, based on their personal taste profiles.

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